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Read Daniel Brookshier's regular blog Some technologies don't gain wide adoption until there is an application used by a large number of users. We call them killer applications because they are so compelling or in fact kill a problem dead. For the personal computer, it was the spreadsheet (VisiCalc was the first and it was copied by the rest) and at about the same time, the word processor. What will be the killer application for JXTA? Is it already here? File Sharing - Capture and Death of a Serial Killer Napster was a killer application. Sadly it was done in a way that wasn't legal. I won't go into the politics of record companies and free speech - the fact is that Napster was taken out of play by the courts. Yes, there are other music sharing and purchasing applications, but nothing as big as Napster. But the other problem is that it was only about music (at least the... (more)

Java Enterprise Server "Might Give JBoss a Run for Their Money"

I spent one morning last week at Sun looking at the Java Enterprise System (JES). JES is a new way to deploy and license the infrastructure of an Internet business. Sounds innovative, but I would say it just shows that there are finally some smart people at Sun thinking about doing things right. JES is built on the idea that most portals are really built of a dozen or so applications like the portal application framework, Web server, application server, calendar, e-mail, instant messaging, LDAP, single sign on and many others. All of these pieces are usually put together one at a ... (more)

Magic Is Golden

Magic, like software, depends on understanding the audience. Why not use a few techniques from magic to understand users? A Golden Hammer Appears First, let's explore the magic of making objects appear out of thin air. I'm thinking big, so let's make a house appear. Is the magician building the house? No, just revealing it. Do you care how the house got there? No, it's just cool to have the house. Software should be just as magical. What's more magical, a feature-rich virus scanner with lots of options to set with the capacity to eliminate 98% of spam, or a simple scanner that eli... (more)